Bad Pitching, Worse Leadership

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Having strong leadership in place isn’t a key to success in business alone; it’s a universal principle that extends beyond the office building. Strong leaders produce results and weak ones produce disasters –it doesn’t matter what field you’re in. Just ask the Red Sox. The baseball fans out probably know the story already, but for […]

From the Archive: Finding the Next CEO of Apple

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Note: this article was written only a few days before Jobs officially announced his retirement so the decision was made to shelve it. Following his passing last week, we decided to post this as a tribute to him. Unless you’ve been living under a rock –or are simply an Apple fan in denial- you’ve probably […]

Apple’s Future

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August 25th was business as usual. Or at least that’s what Apple wanted you to think. On August 24th, Steve Jobs, one of the most revered and innovative CEOs in recent memory, announced his retirement in a brief letter to the company. No fanfare, no big sendoff; Jobs had slipped out the backdoor before anyone […]