• Management Review: We develop a thorough working knowledge of our client’s organization and needs through research and consultation in order to build a 360° understanding of the organization that the final candidate will be joining.
  • Strategic Market Identification: Based on our client’s short and long term strategic goals, we execute a customized search strategy to recruit the best qualified candidates in the least amount of time for our clients.
  • Position Specification: The requirements of the position and the qualifications of the ideal candidate are complied in a detailed, written Position Specification (job description). We use this document to attract prime executives to our client’s organization.
  • Candidate Identification: As a result of our research, we approach the best executives nationwide/worldwide and persuade them to look at the opportunity that we have been retained to fill. We generate an interest in our clients and their opportunity from senior executives who otherwise might not be interested or in the market. We actually ‘headhunt’.
  • Client / Candidate Interviews: We work hand-in-hand with our clients to structure every aspect of the meetings with the top candidates. Clients have told us that our client-candidate interview procedure is where our attention to detail separates us from the competition.
  • Reference Checking: Reference checking is a critical component of the decision process, particularly at the presidential/senior executive level. Prior to completing the offer of employment, we compile a confidential reference report from conversations with individuals (bosses, peers, and juniors) who are qualified to comment in depth and discreetly about the candidate. Verification of the final candidate’s credit and criminal history and educational background are also suggested.
  • Presentation Of An Offer And Completion Of Assignment: We serve as an experienced intermediary to negotiate delicate details, resolve differences, determine exact compensation and complete the hire to everyone’s satisfaction.
  • Follow Up: Although the recruiting process is complete when an offer is accepted, we will stay in touch with our client and the newly hired executive for at least 12 months thereafter to provide any assistance necessary during this critical adjustment period.

To get a better understanding of how LP&CO goes about finding top level talent for our clients, please look through our presentations below.