The Definition of Success:

Success, in the executive recruiting profession, is more than just searches undertaken or candidates interviewed. Success is about results. No matter how anyone tries to spin it, if the position is not filled with a top-level candidate, the client’s needs have not been met. In the executive search industry, success is measured by a firm’s fill rate, how often the client ends up hiring a recruited candidate. While major firms have fill rates of only 67% or even 45%, LP&CO maintains a fill rate of 98%, unique among our competitors, large or small.

A More Personal Approach to Executive Search:

From the very beginning our Search Team works with the client Board to learn how their industry works, where the company/organization is headed, and what the client needs in its next leader. We take the time early on to build the working relationships that make the entire search easier and more efficient. We listen carefully, accepting feedback at every step. We care about our clients and their needs, and offer an unrivaled level of responsiveness. Ask our previous clients; no one in executive search is as committed or involved as our team of headhunters.

Long Term Relationships:

Long after the search is completed and the new executive is on the job, we are still there. We stay in touch with the Board and the executive, helping with on-boarding, fine tuning, constructive feedback, and even social integration to the local community. We remain actively available to clients, 1, 3, 5 years after the search to offer advice in anyway we can to further the success of our candidate and the organization/company.