Executive Recruitment:

We have conducted searches nationwide for companies in a variety of industries. Our clients have ranged from organizations with less than $1 million budgets to ones with $10+ billion in revenues.

One of the nation’s most successful executive search firms, LP&CO combines the search scope of a national firm with the responsiveness and attentiveness of a boutique firm. Having completed more than 300 searches and earned the respect of both our clients and competitors, we have the experience and the know-how to find the best candidate for the job. Find out more about what makes LP&CO a unique experience.

Compensation Studies:

The tax forms have not gotten any easier in the past few years, especially for not for profits. The IRS continues to focus on executive compensation and looks for a third party evaluation. Having a Compensation Study to show that your organization is paying its top staff within reason is a great tool for navigating the changing tax codes. By compiling a Comprehensive Study complete with comparability data, we can help you minimize your exposure to the IRS come tax season.

CEO Succession:

Major corporations agree, almost unanimously, that having steady leadership at the top is a key part of the company’s future. However, a recent study by a major business school found that only about a third of most companies has a succession plan in place. Putting a plan in place helps companies reevaluate their strategic goals and prepare for the future. Contact us to find out how a CEO Succession Plan can help you.